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     January 23, 2018      #90-22 a2z

Parkhurst introduces domestic violence bill

Kiera Allen

Last week, state Rep. Lindsay Parkhurst, R-Kankakee, introduced House Resolution 751.

Longtime Kankakee teacher Lillie Ford (center), now 89, poses for a photo with her daughters Roxie Speaks, left, and Sylvia Rockett. Daily Journal Mike Voss photographer.

HR751 shines a light on the fact one in three women in the United States experience domestic violence at least once in their lives.

That means 1.67 million women in Illinois experience domestic violence.

After speaking numerous times with the staff at Harbor House-Kankakee County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Parkhurst was driven to better the plight of victims enduring emotional and physical abuse, along with financial ...

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