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January 5, 2018
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Kankakee Junior High School student Traci Jordan, 13, talks about drawing the most difficult part of her favorite portrait, the eyes. "They show so much emotion, you have to get it right," Jordan said.

Teen’s talent drawing attention

Talento adolescente llamando la atención

Antonio Young 
Special to The Daily Journal

Throughout the area, tons of teenagers still are raving about the new Playstation 4 video games they received for Christmas. Others are on cloud nine because they received an iPhone X or a pair of throwback Michael Jordan gym shoes.

Not 13-year-old Traci Jordan, of Kankakee.

Jordan — who often appears more mature than her age — still is thrilled about the acrylic paint and a small easel she just received.

"I've been wanting to paint for a pretty long time. So, when I got that, I was pretty ...

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Kankakee Junior High School student Traci Jordan, 13, works on a large-scale drawing. Jordan, who taught herself to draw two years ago, favors creating realistic portraits and comic book-inspired characters.