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     April 3, 2017      #19-92 a2z

Early bird fishing derby registration through Tuesday

Robert Themer

MLS Baits, at Glasik's Topline Feeds on west Illinois Route 17, Kankakee, is the newest registration station for the 33rd annual Kankakee River Fishing Derby, set for July 1-10.

MLS also is sponsoring the derby's Pike Plugging Day, with a $100 Derby Dollar Days prize for the biggest northern pike caught on Wednesday, July 6.

Mallory Glazik and her husband, Matthew Sommer, added the bait shop at Glazik's Topline Feeds, which Mallory has operated for five years at 2450 W. Illinois Route 17. "Horses, dogs and chickens keep this alive," Mallory said Monday of the primary business at the feed store. She also just added a dog grooming service.

The bait shop offers minnows, nightcrawlers, red worms, wax worms, fishing line and "a little bit of tackle," she said.

"My husband is the fisherman," she said, "so it's a learning process for me."

The derby offers about $50,000 in potential prizes, including 11 for $1,000 or more in cash or merchandise, 39 worth $500 in cash, 32 worth $500 in merchandise and many other prizes.

Registration is $20 for individuals or families, including parents and all minor children.

Those who register before June 21 will be eligible for the $100 early bird drawing and $50 in merchandise from local bait shops for tagged fish caught from earlier derbies. This year's tags will be dark green and the fish won't be tagged until June 29.

In addition to MLS Baits, registration can be done at either local Walmart, L&G Marine on Illinois Route 45-52 on Kankakee's south side, Reed's Rent All at 907 N. Indiana Ave., Kankakee, Angelo's Bait in Wilmington, Bordertown Guns in Momence and Kankakee River Trading Post at Altorf. Registration also can be done online at kankakeefishingderby.com.

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