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     March 28, 2017      #11-86 a2z

Kankakee’s new pool made a splash

By Jack Klasey

Ronald Allen was one excited young man. After spending four hours in line on July 18, 1950, he became the first person to enter Kankakee's brand new public swimming pool. Before the day ended, the 12-year-old Kankakeean had been followed by 821 children and 104 adults.

Located in Legion Park, south of Station Street on the east bank of the Kankakee River, the Olympic-size outdoor pool was 165 feet in length and 75 feet wide. Surrounded by a wide concrete deck, the pool ranged in depth from 3 to 11 feet, holding one-half million gallons of water. At the deep end, there were two low diving boards and a 9-meter "high ...

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